Our Story

Hey! My name is Andrea Graterol, I am the founder of Vibes,Leaves&Lizards_PhotoAlbum_Andrea-111 I created this business taking into account the lessons I received from the main events I have lived in my life.

Back in 2016, I was living in my home country, Venezuela and I was working in the finance department from a recognize international construction business, I would dream every day in the office to make a living out of my passion for yoga, I wanted to spend my days in nature and have amazing people around, one day I called myself out and told myself I could no longer live daydreaming, I needed to take a risk and jumo into that dream life I had. I decided that I would move into Costa Rica, and I hile I had no plan, I convince myself I would figure it out.

Since I only had $700 savings I started to look for a job online as a yoga instructor, and nothing came, 6 months passed and I decided I needed to release what no longer served me, so that what I was looking for would have space to arrive, so I quit my finance job without a plan, I jumped head first.

I learned after taking that risk that when you trust yourself the universe gets your back, 2 days later after I had resigned my job I was contacted by a hotel to become their yoga instructor. My no plan was working.

Teaching yoga in the hotel that had hired me, I realized I wanted to do more that to be a yoga instructor, I knew I had more passions, and I felt called to more causes, I started to ask myself what where the subjects I really wanted to serve in, and I found that:

  • Since my mom passed away due to breast cancer when I was 15 years old, I knew that to encourage others to eat healthy for healthy life would make me happy.
  • Having been raised in Venezuela a country with political and social turmoil, I saw many people in poverty conditions, I thought to be of service for them was also important.
  • Yoga had played a key role in allowing me to connect with myself, yoga had to be part of the picture.
  • Growing up, my mom would always tell me that we only have life so we can be happy, I wanted to create experiences that allowed others to find joy.
  • Community, I deeply believe that to walk far we must go together, community building experiences mattered to me.

As I tried to dig deep on how to have all those points met, RETREATS! That was the answer, I convince the owners from the hotels I was teaching yoga in, that I could create their yoga retreats program and started to host retreats there.

Hosting retreats in the hotel, I realized that my image was not being fulfilled, I realized I had to do it myself, so VIBES WAS BORN!

During its first retreats, Vibes focused on supporting yoga instructors only, but after time, I realized coaches have so much to offer, and create so much transformation for their clients, so we decided to support business, mindset and life coaches in their internation retreats.

Taking into account healthy living, service, mindfulness, Vibes now helps coaches who are looking to create international retreats to boost the transformation they support their clients with.

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